Saturday, July 23, 2011

The worms are doing OK, and they say hello to one and all.

I probably should have brought them inside during the heat but I didn't.

I've been adding, as often as possible, bags of frozen wilted lettuce, mango peels, pineapple skins, apple cores, corn cobs, any old vegs and fruits. It seems to keep them cool enough, long enough. They produced a lot of castings this summer. I use it sparingly for reasons I can't fathom. A lot of it is sitting in a bucket right now out by my veg garden and I should just dump it around and water well. I think I'm hoarding it for new plants. I guess.


  1. Thanks for another great post. I am a huge fan of your geek-worm-love and your lovely worms. Good info on the frozen veg.

  2. I miss the worms. It's so cold outside. I'm thinking about starting a small indoor worm farm. Maybe I will make one with my nieces. Worms are cool.