Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I inherited a new worm bin.

I haven't started using it yet because I don't like the 2-3" layer of plastic packing peanuts between the lining and the bottom of the bin. I know why they're there, I guess. But I really hate those things. This bin was made by a semi-famous local girl, about 11 years old, who sells the bin and a supply of worms for a reasonable price, which I've forgotten. Isn't her hand-made label adorable?

Top, Eisenia foetida (redwiggler). Middle, Eisenia hortensis (European nightcrawler). Bottom, Lumbricus terrestris (Canadian nightcrawler).

I can't see much if any difference. But every worm "expert" says never bring nightcrawlers, the worms found in your garden, into a closed vermicomposting system. I can't remember why. But will find out. Again.