Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty and healthy and so productive.


  1. What kind of worms are they?

  2. Eisenia foetida, or red wigglers. The worms you dig up in your back yard are different and are called Lumbricus terrestris or nightcrawlers. My red wigglers wouldn't survive the winters here if I put them outside, and the nightcrawlers wouldn't survive in my worm bins because they need a lot of space to dig tunnels. I think I got all that right; I'm just a novice worm-lover (herder) so my knowledge is limited.

  3. Hey! A friend just gave me a link to your blog. So cool. I started with the same Rubbermaid totes that you have photographed here. Due to a generous gift from my brother I have graduated to the Can'o Worms which, despite some problems, works pretty well.
    Wishing you and your Red Wrigglers the best of tomorrows.